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Matériaux durables
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Key figures and processes


  • 75 employees spread over 5 geographical sites
  • 2 brickworks and 2 clay quarries (4 ICPE – Installations classified for environmental protection)
  • 5 materials trading sites and 5 recycling platforms
  • 2 commercial services: bricks and materials trade

BdN’s head office is located at the Port Fluvial de Lille. It is at the heart of this urban distribution centre that BdN also houses: its “Bricks” sales department, available to answer your inquiries, and its showroom.

To this must be added the 2 clay brick production sites with a maximum production capacity of 75 000 tons of bricks per year:

  • The brickworks of Lomme
  • The brickworks of Templeuve

With the brickworks and other activities of material trading and material recycling, approximately 1 million tons of heavy materials are handled and transported each year by BdN’s various activities.


  • Briqueterie de Lomme: The brickworks is located in the commune of Lomme. Since the 1980s, a gas tunnel kiln has been used for the manufacture of exposed bricks.
  • The brickworks is located in the commune of Templeuve

    As at the brickworks of Lomme, a gas tunnel kiln is also used for the manufacture of exposed bricks.

Resarch and Development

Research & Development is a major component of BdN’s innovation strategy. We invest in R&D to modernise our production processes and develop new products adapted to the construction market while respecting the environment.

The missions of the R&D pole:
Continuous improvement of the manufacturing processes and of the quality of existing products

  • Development of innovative products that meet customer requirements
  • Study of new fields of application that highlight technologies and products

Industrialization projects

The research and development of new manufacturing techniques, always more modern and at the cutting edge of technology, allow us to improve the productivity, quality, repeatability, and traceability of our productions. All of those important factors allows the continuous improvement of our productions: knowing what we do enables us to consistently repeat it better.

Over the last 15 years, the two production sites at Lomme and Templeuve have been thoroughly modernised at all stages of production: from the extraction of raw materials to the quarry, including the preparation of clay mixtures, the moulding of bricks, drying, firing and palletising of products before they are shipped.