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Matériaux durables
pour la construction


Founded at the beginning of the 20th century by the merger of several brickworks, the company Briqueteries du Nord grouped together in 1912 more than 10 production sites mostly in Lille and the surrounding area. This mainly concerned the production of solid bricks fired in the Hoffmann kiln. The creators were notably Henri BERNARD and André COISNE, great-grandparents of the current directors of the company: Gilles BERNARD and Xavier d’ALBISSIN.


After the First World War, the “Société Nouvelle des Briqueteries du Nord” brought together the sites of Lomme, Ronchin, Lille, Croix, and  Haubourdin-Loos. Once the production units had been refurbished, the activity resumed and provided the bricks that allowed the region to rebuild itself. In parallel to the production of bricks, the company developed a trading activity which constituted a natural complement of supplies (sand, stones, cement…) to building companies.

Between 1912 and 1940, the company Briqueteries du Nord operated up to 11 kilns in the Lille metropolis.

1945 1960

During the war, all the sites suffered major damage. In 1945, the production tool had to be restarted, starting with the manufacture of solid bricks, which required less investment. Little by little the installations were refurbished and the kilns could be used after some repair work. It was at this time that several manufacturers of terracotta products, including the company Briqueteries du Nord, joined forces and created “Le Comptoir Régional de la Terre Cuite”.

Between 1945 and 1960 seven factories were in activity, including 6 (Leers, Lomme, Ronchin, Hellemmes, Lille L’Arbrisseau, Lille Porte des Postes) centred only on the production, in continuous fire kiln, of solid bricks of a rustic type under the only denomination: BRIQUETERIES DU NORD.

From 1960 onwards

Production was gradually being consolidated and the remaining plants modernised. In 1967, a specific manufacturing room for the production of perforated bricks was created within the Lomme factory, to which an artificial dryer was added.

Since 1986

Urbanization gradually reduced production sites, which through groupings brought the number of sites to 3 plants.

During the 1980s, the head office was installed at the Lille River Port, its current location.

In the 21st century, the company took up a new challenge; to pass from a family company manufacturer of bricks to a diversified company.


Thus, a new logo combining modernity and dynamism was created. It symbolizes the three activities (making bricks, trading materials, and recycling materials) through the tricolor pyramid (red for terracotta, ochre for raw clay and gray for stones). The notion of renewal is present in the comma and the federation of products via the phrase “Sustainable materials for construction”.

The interlacing of the letters BdN is a sign of cohesion between the teams at the service of its customers’ projects.


The new visual identity declined it is essential to rethink the website which until then was oriented 100% bricks.

It is now under that Internet users are able to connect to the new Briqueteries du Nord site. Resolutely modern, this new version offers customers and partners direct access to BdN’s activities.


Briqueteries du Nord is 100 years old!

The family business, after having evolved over 4 generations, is now ready to enter a new century serving a loyal and demanding professional clientele.

The centenary of the company gave rise to some significant events:
Briqueteries du Nord founded with 3 other century-old companies the “Club des Entreprises Centenaires du Nord-Pas de Calais” under the aegis of Lille Place Tertiaire.

On 29 March 2012 the inaugural evening took place in the Hall of Honour of the CCI Grand Lille during which Briqueteries du Nord was honoured.

Discover the 100th anniversary film of  BdN – Briqueteries du Nord by cliking  here !


Faced with many changes, BdN adapts.

To support the development of the materials trading and recycling activity, the Ronchin platform was opened in March. It thus completed the geographical coverage of the major metropolis.

BdN Matériaux also acquired a logo largely inspired by that of the company.


January 2014: It was at the end of the day, on 3 January, that a tornado struck the Leers brickworks site. If the material damage is very important: the chimney of the furnace fell, roofs were washed away, the bungalows crushed…. the human toll was only two minor injuries.


Briqueteries du Nord launched new bricks: new formats, new shades… Thin plates and corners are also offered to our customers, partners and specifiers.